GUI Calculator

A simple GUI Calculator written in Python 3.
Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Sin, Cos, Tan,
Pi and more! Download for *Mac and Windows.

*For OSX and macOS only Python File available


Why I still use an iPod

My Coding Journey

Welcome to Skeucore!

Here you can view and download my projects.
I will also leave external links to my Socials. There is also a blog where I write about certain topics.

What is this site about?

Sometimes I just write a random Python program and post it on GitHub and

I also code in JavaScript but not often. I do have a project on the Blog section of this site
where I recreated MacOS X in JavaScript. I mostly code in Python and HTML (Markup Language).

I recently bought the domain "" and I'm moving on from Neocities. I've built a 1TB home
Apache server from scratch. It does work fine but the internet at home is a bit slow.

What's with my Neocities Website?

I won't be that active on Neocities but neither will I shut down the site. I will be hosting my website here
because on Neocities, you don't have a lot of freedom. You only have 1GB Storage, You can't use Video and Audio files,
The UI is very clunky and you just have so many more possibilities when you have your own Server and Domain.

How to download the software?

I made a Google Drive Download link for all my projects. Drive links can expire so I try to update
them every now and then. If a download link doesn't work, please contact me:
The files are basic Python Scripts. Their Size is mostly a few KB (Sometimes MB). You can download
the GUI Calculator directly from the website.

Follow me on GitHub and Stack Overflow!

You can find me on GitHub and on Stack Overflow. I left some other contact details on the Blog Page.